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Frequently Asked

Can I edify the chat agent to fit my business?

The chat agent can be designed to say anything you like, but we recommend you offer customers some kind of “coupon”, “discount” or “incentive” to encourage users to take action on your site for best results.

How do I capture the email/phone number of the visitor?

The chat is designed to be full automated (without need for human intervention or virtual works). We can have the chat ask for the customer “email”, “phone #” or even “book an appointment” right from the chat box. At the end of the chat we can direct them to your support desk if they have additional questions.

What happens if there is a question the agent cannot answer?

The chat is designed to ask website visitors “YES/NO responses”, or any “questions” you want to ask and get a response. Unlike other chat apps, our chat will never say “sorry, I can’t answer that. You can personalise the chat anyway you like. We provide a monthly maintenance plan so we can modify the chat to meet your needs for a small monthly charge.


How will I receive names, email/phone leads from the chat agent?

We will email you the transcripts every day as part of the maintenance plan or automatically sync the chat history directly to a google sheet so you can check the chat history / interactions daily!