Why You Need Your Own Virtual Chat Assistant For Your Website

What Is Virtual Chat Assistant?

Virtual Chat Assistant is an easy to setup and use technology that gives you the ability to add visitor interaction on any website through an advanced chat bot and messaging system. The purpose of it is to boost sales and leads.  It’s been created using years of testing and data analysis and continues to evolve using several industry leading features and artificial intelligence.

Who Is Virtual Chat Assistant For?

Virtual Chat Assistant merges cutting-edge “Interactive 3D Avatar” technology with AI backed “SMART Chat Automation” to deliver results like no other chat app in the market! Our Virtual Chat Assistants can be added to ANY website (even ones you don’t own) to instantly boost sales, conversions and leads on blogs, e-commerce sites, bonus pages, and landing pages.

Your Virtual Chat Assistant Will Be Ready To Serve Your Future Customers 24 Hours A Day / 7 Days A Week